How To Dress Up Jogger Pants For Women

Jogger pants are often synonymously used with the term track pants, but the main difference between the two is that joggers can be dressed up for a casual look, whereas, track pants are meant for working out. Many celebrities are wearing joggers and have shown that choosing the right joggers can mean looking trendy and casual at the same time. An additional perk of wearing joggers is that they can flatter any body shape or size when the right fit is selected. Here are some tips for making your joggers look dressy:

*When it comes to color, make sure to keep it simple such as navy, black or gray. Having a dark color to work with can set the palette for the rest of your outfit. In fact, it’s best to think of your joggers as slacks.

*Skip wearing a simple cotton top with your joggers as it’s too casual. Choose a top that’s interesting with plenty of lace or print. You want the outfit to say you’re fancy, which is why you need to spend a bit of extra time to select the right top.

*Instead of choosing a cotton blend pair of joggers, opt for pants that are made of genuine or imitation leather. Not only does a material such as leather catapult your pants to the next category, but it is the perfect fashion statement next time you go out! Not to mention, you can even look professional in a business setting with the right pair of jogger pants for women.

*Don’t choose the cheapest pair of joggers that you can find as that can automatically make your entire outfit look cheap. Jogger pants can be found manufactured from a wide range of materials but wool and leather seem to be a favorite among trendsetters.

*Take your joggers to the next level by giving yourself some height by wearing heels. A pair of trendy heels is all it takes to give your body the perfect slimming effect and make your joggers look dressy. For a fun and flirty look, opt for open-toed heels or sandals.

*The lower your joggers are, the better! Instead of wearing your jogger pants at waist length, try lowering them below your waist and selecting a trendy crop top to go with them.

Dressing up a pair of jogger pants is easier than most people would think! All it takes is a bit of shopping know-how to look professional, sexy or casual on your next date.